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Whether you want to grow your business, enhance your massage skills or meet licensing requirements, AMTA has high-quality online courses for every massage therapist. As always, you can feel confident knowing all of our courses are rigorously vetted and NCBTMB-approved.

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Popular AMTA CE Courses in 2019

1. Pregnancy + Massage | 3 CE Credits – Explore how pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period affect women in this popular course by Susan Salvo. Understand the problems that can occur and the appropriate techniques for each phase. Learn how to recognize contraindications for high-risk pregnancies. Register now

2. Helping Clients Manage Migraines | 3 CE Credits – It’s reported that more than 39 million Americans experience migraines. Learn how massage therapy benefits clients with these painful headaches. Understand the phases, types, triggers, and approaches to help alleviate migraines. Register now

3. Sports Massage: Injury + Recovery | 5 CE Credits – Are you interested in sports massage? Take this course and find out how sports injuries occur, and which tissues are affected. Examine the healing stages and the appropriate massage techniques for athletes. Register now

4. Ethics for Massage Therapists | 3 CE Credits –  Many states require ethics credit hours. Get an in-depth look at ethical practice, and how it can help build trusting relationships with your clients in this comprehensive course. Explore ethical dilemmas and how to resolve them to maintain a safe, successful practice. Register now

5. Fascial Therapy: Massage Techniques | 4 CE Credits – If your clients have postural inefficiencies, movement dysfunction, or scar tissue, they may benefit from fascial therapy. Take this course and learn the appropriate massage techniques to meet your client’s health goals. Review anatomy and individual methods to enhance your skillset. Register now

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