Judy Robuck gift


Attention students and new graduates:

Judy Robuck Gift

This gift will be awarded annually for participation at the spring convention held in March. This gift will cover the cost of registration. All other costs will be the responsibility of the participant.

Applicants must be a member of the AMTA Iowa chapter in good standing and have graduated from an AMTA school member, Located in the state of Iowa, within one year from the date of the spring convention or be a current student at an AMTA school member program.

Applicants will be qualified through membership report received from the AMTA national office. This qualification will include current, active membership with the AMTA Iowa chapter (at time of applying for the gift and at the time of convention) as well as verification that the applicant attended or is currently attending a school which is an AMTA school member, located within the state of Iowa. Additionally, applicants will be required to show proof of graduation, including their name and date of graduation, in the form of a copy of their diploma. If the application is a current student, A letter from the schools administration must be included to verify their current status as a student.

The Judy Robuck Gift Will be awarded based upon a written request not to exceed 500 words, outlining why the applicant should be chosen. Special consideration may be giving to applicants outlining financial needs. The board members which will determine the award consists of the chapter president, education chair, and the membership chair.

Applicants will send their entry for the Judy Robuck Gift to the AMTA Iowa chapter membership chair. All entries must be received by the membership chair no later than 45 days prior to the convention date. The membership chair will then share all of the entries with the chapter president and the chapter education chair and a decision will be made no later than 45 days prior to convention. The membership chair will notify the recipient and the other applicants of their status regarding this gift. Should there be no applicants for this award in a given year then there will be no Judy Robuck Gift for that year.

The gift will then resume the following year as outlined above.

E-mail membershipchair.amtaiowa@gmail.com