Proposed Standing Rule Change: Online Elections

The AMTA-IA chapter board will be presenting standing rule changes for membership approval via electronic voting.
Per National AMTA Bylaws, we will require a 2/3 vote to approve the changes provided in the attached document.

Simply Voting will send electronic ballots to all professional members by mid-March.

Following is a summary of the changes proposed in the attached requiring member approval. Two versions have been provided for your review: 1) a bold and strikethrough copy showing what is being changed or deleted and 2) a complete revised version of the AMTA-KY Standing Rules should the membership approve the changes. You can review the proposed changes here:

IA Standing Rules Membership Approval

Section 1. Duties of Chapter Board members
The IA Chapter Board is recommending deletion of this section in its entirety. Duties of elected chapter board members are now included in position descriptions approved at the national level. The Chapter Board may develop additional duties for Iowa Chapter Board members and include these in chapter procedures documents. This provides flexibility to add/delete responsibilities in a more timely and efficient manner.
Section 2. Chapter Board Meetings
The IA Chapter Board is recommending deletion of this section in its entirety.
RE: Chapter meetings: This section as written limits the Chapter Board’s options pertaining to meeting schedules, with the potential of limiting the pool of volunteers. If deleted, the Chapter Board will have the ability to set schedules based on volunteer availability.
RE: Chapter decisions: Minutes noting Chapter Board decisions will be made available upon request (this is in compliance with National Bylaws and Policy). This process creates an opportunity for interested members to obtain the information in a more timely manner, rather than waiting for six-months to one-year to obtain this information. It also reduces the workload of the chapter board in preparing for the chapter business meeting.
Section 1. Chapter Elections
The Iowa Chapter shall hold online elections in accordance with AMTA Bylaws and Policy.
Rationale for adding Section 1. Chapter Elections:
This change proposes that the chapter move from conducting elections at our annual meeting to conducting online elections. Online Elections would provide an opportunity for all AMTA Professional Members in Iowa to vote for elected chapter board positions and delegates electronically. All chapters have conducted online elections since 2020 due to the pandemic.
We hope you will attend and exercise your member right to vote on this standing rule. Please contact AMTA-IA Chapter President Robert Campbell,  if you have any questions about the standing rule change.