Late summer 2018 newsletter



Late Summer 2018 Newsletter

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We are in the full swing of summer and I hope everyone is having a fantastic one. News about massage therapy community around the state includes the cities of  Coralville, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City that are considering ordinances to deal with illicit businesses that are using our profession as a “guise.”  It is of the upmost importance that our members and every other Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Iowa be diligent regarding finding out and communicating with their city councilors about such an ordinance.

Your AMTA-IA board has sent letters to each of these city councils to try and have them work with their local LMTs before drafting an ordinance.  I would like to thank everyone who has been communicated with the board and other members to keep us all informed.  This situation is a growing issue around the state and the grassroots effort by our community has been amazing and is working, but we need to stay ahead of this issue whenever possible.

We have also decided to retain our lobbyist group, Advocacy Strategies, for another year to help at the state and city level with these issues.  Advocacy Strategies and Catherine “Cassie” Sampson from the Iowa Board of Massage Therapy will be doing a pre-convention presentation on this issue Friday September 7, 2018 from 5pm-7pm at Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark in Dubuque.

The national convention is also right around the corner: August 9-11 in Washington, D.C. Registration is now open, and I hope to see as many of you who can make it there as possible.  And don’t forget our Iowa convention September 8-9.

I hope you all have a great summer and remember the AMTA “kneads” you.  A brief attempt at some massage humor.

Take care

Robert Campbell

AMTA-IA Chapter President

Cell: 515- 835-1418

letter sent to Iowa city

Dear Iowa City Officials,

We are writing you on behalf of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and our Iowa Chapter (AMTA – IA). AMTA has more than 83,000 members nationally, including over 900 in Iowa. Since 1943, AMTA has been serving the profession by actively promoting massage to the public, the health care community, and other important groups. We actively engage with other health care associations such as the American Medical Association to foster integrative health care.

We have recently heard from our membership in the area that Iowa City is in the process of drafting a Massage Therapy Business Establishments ordinance. While we commend efforts that states, counties, and cities take to rid their communities of illicit businesses operating under the guise of “massage,” we oppose any regulations that are at the expense of professional, educated and licensed massage therapists. We collaborate with many stakeholder groups nationally to address these issues and ensure that we are regulated in the same way as other health care professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists. We appreciate your efforts and would like to be involved in the process of drafting the ordinance requirements to be sure that the ordinance does not punish or discourage legitimate massage therapists from practicing in Iowa City.

We appreciate your time and attention to our letter and look forward to fostering a good working relationship between Iowa City officials and the AMTA – IA Chapter and licensed massage therapists practicing in your city. We would welcome an opportunity to have a discussion with the appropriate representatives from the city government so we may provide further information on regulating massage businesses.



Jeanna Tellin

Cell: 319-551-1955


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Greetings, Hope your summer is going great.

As of May 31st 2018 the ending balance was $118,671.59. We have been working closely with Advocacy Strategies, this is a lobbying company. We will been signing a new contract with this company, to protect our great profession. This contract will cost our chapter, $1250.00 a month. We have six members of the board attending nationals this year.

Have a great day! See you in September with Lee Stang.

Thank you,

Pam Burnikel

Financial Administrator

Phone: 563-547-3793




Lee Stang, owner of Bridges To Health Seminars has been teaching massage since 1996. She taught in the massage school environment for 17 years at the CT Center for Massage Therapy specializing in anatomy and physiology, orthopedic and sports massage. She is certified in orthopedic massage and teaches within the OMERI program. As well she has been bringing her Bridges To Health Seminars to a national audience since 2006, most recently the AMTA National Convention in Pasadena. Lee currently travels with the Women’s Tennis Association bringing massage to elite professional tennis players throughout the world as a member of the Sports Science and Medicine Team. She has been on the numerous Sports Massage Teams at the Olympics and Paralymics and traveled with the US National Powerlifting Team.
A NCBTMB approved provider Lee’s focus is to provide theory and techniques that can be immediately incorporated into ones practice.

Orthopedic massage and movement technique, passive and active, are the foundation of all Bridges To Health Seminars. Feedback from seminar goers is that these seminars are informative, dynamic and provide tools today that can be used tomorrow to make a massage practice more dynamic.

Rotational forces: their impact, our treatments

Twisting, turning, and reaching. Walking running, lifting: moving through life. What do these have in common? Among other things they involve a great deal of rotational movements. Much of what we do involves the action of rotation: rotation through the hip and pelvis and throughout the spine. Rotational forces will often dictate how much we can move through life with minimal pain and dysfunction. Limitations in rotation can not only affect the general ability to work or play effectively but create compensatory motions that lead to pain, dysfunctional technique and eventually injury. For example if an individual is unable to rotate effectively through the thoracic spine compensatory movements through the hip and pelvis may lead to low back and pelvic injury and dysfunction.

This seminar will look at the play of rotational forces through the spine, pelvis and hips on the individual. We will explore the following areas in some detail:

  • The anatomy of rotation from the pelvis through the thoracic spine;
  • Issues that might inhibit rotation.
  • The assessment of rotation in the body and the communication of this information to our clients;
  • The effects on the boney structures, including the vertebral facets and ribs that must move freely for effective rotation and optimal performance;
  • The role of abdominal muscles including iliopsoas as they relate to rotation, back and pelvic issues
  • Techniques that can be immediately applied in your practice to help unlock this pivotal area of the body including active and passive movement, range of motion, manual resistance, myofascial release and more;
  • Some movements that can aid clients in maintaining freedom of rotation.












Please Register for Free Pre-Convention

Friday, September 7 from 5 pm to 7 pm

Grand Harbor Resort & Hotel, Dubuque, IA

If you have the opportunity, please come to our free pre-convention event on Friday, Sept. 7. Cassie Samuelsen and a representative from Advocacy Strategies, our lobbyist, will speak on the human trafficking and massage therapy ordinances that are cropping up in many cities in Iowa. We heard you at the March convention and responded by creating this forum for September. This affects all of us in the state, and your voices need to be heard. Educate yourselves. Please clear your schedule for this special AMTA Iowa event that the Board of Directors has created for the members.

To attend this free event, you must register for Pre-Convention.  Of course, we would love if you could stay the weekend and experience the excellent educational information from Lee Stang, our CEU presenter. Lodging is at the Grand Harbor Resort and Hotel, which is a wonderful place to bring your spouse or family to explore Dubuque. The prices for the hotel increase on August 24, so register early for the best deal.  Register today. Tell your massage therapists friends, and bring them to the pre-convention event. Stay for the weekend. See you soon!

Karen Sindelar

AMTA Iowa Board Member; Education Chair

E-mail :



There is spectacular presenter for the fall 2018 AMTA-IA chapter convention: Lee Stang. The fall convention will be at the Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark, September 8-9, 2018.

During the September convention, 12 CEU’s will be offered. The conference registration deadline is August 24, 2018Online registration is fast & easy.

Board member / Convention Coordinator chair:

Holly Rasmusson

Cell: 563-419-0209



Hi! This is Cindy Haack, your AMTA Iowa Chapter Awards Chair. I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!  Hard to believe that fall convention is only 6 weeks away!!  Just a few reminders: ” Massage Therapists needed to Volunteer to do Chair Massages”

Dukie’s  One Eye Open

Friday, September 28

Prairie Links Golf Course

19 Eagle Ridge Drive

Waverly, Iowa 50677

Start Time: 10:00 Shotgun Start

Purpose: To raise $100,000 for U of I Kid’s Hospital


Veteran’s Day Appreciation

Sunday November 11

The Centre

1211 4th Street SW

Waverly, Iowa 50677

Start Time: 8:00 – 2:00

Both are wonderful events to give back for a good cause! Hope to see you all at convention!


Awards Chair:

Cindy Haack

Cell: 319-231-1293




The online registration for fall convention open and ready. fill out the form and off you go.

click the link above or cut and paste the url below:

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See you in September. -Alexander L. Collins


Social media & digital media chair:

Alexander L. Collins

Cell: 319-210-7866



I put together a roster of emails and phone numbers. Hope to see you in Dubuque.

AMTA Iowa Chapter Roster

Chapter Board:


Robert Campbell

Cell:515- 835-1418


Board member / Convention Coordinator chair:

Holly Rasmusson

Cell: 563-419-0209


Board member /  Education chair:

Karen Sindelar

Cell: 319-899-1964



Jeanna Tellin

Cell: 319-551-1955



Pam Burnikel

Cell: 563-547-3793



Committee Chairs:


President advisory/orientation chair:

Ken Swenson-

Cell: 641-330-0786


Legislation chair:

Rachel Brown

Cell: 641-691-4010



Keith Kowal



Membership Chair:

Soraya Wagner

Cell: 319-310-5900


Awards Chair:

Cindy Haack

Cell: 319-231-1293


Convention Events Chair and Delegate:

Robin Markus

Cell: 563-543 -5449


social media & digital media chair:

Alexander L. Collins

Cell: 319-210-7866